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Office refurbishment budget. Sharing is caring

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Why are budgets so guarded?

When it comes to office refurbishment budget the topic is always a thorny one. Realistic budgets can always be met it may be at the cost of different furniture or finishes but it can always be achieved. Sharing your budget with your office designer it key to a successful project. Everybody like to make savings and get the best finish for the best price but if you don’t share your budget with your designer you may end up with a design that is way under what you could have had. The best way to get true value from your designer is them them produce a design to your budget then, if you want to make savings and value engineer, look at removing or substituting certain aspects.

What should my budget be?

Very simply – As much as you can afford. The lower and of the scale you can have new floor coverings, paint finishes and lighting upgrades. At the other end of the scale you can have bespoke furniture, high end design and top notch finishes. The most expensive office refurbishment currently in the UK is £500 sq ft! Check out this article from the Independent.

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