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What is Office interior fit out and why do I need it?

Office interior fit out

Interior fit out is an all encompassing term that covers all areas of a new interior or refurbishment of an existing area. In CMC Interiors case this means commercial interiors, (office interiors, retail interiors and the like). Lets look at a couple of examples of interior fit out.

New interior fit out

You have just signed the lease on new open plan office space (this is termed as CAT A fit out) But you don’t want everyone siting together in one large open office, you need meeting rooms, accounts offices, Director and Chairman offices and the all important break out / canteen / teapoint area. At CMC Interiors, if you know exactly what you want we are able to costs this and carry out the complete work from start to finish. If you are not sure what you want we are able to offer years of experience to¬†collaborate with you to achieve your perfect office environment.

Refurbishment interior fit out

You have been in your office for a while and it is starting to look a bit tired, company expansion means an increase in workforce and extra desks have been put in available spaces as a make shift measure 2 years ago and are still there. You need a refurbishment fit out. CMC Interiors can redesign your space to physically work for you again. We can produce space planning designs and new office furniture to ensure all chairs have the correct roll back distances and make the most out of your space. New carpet, lighting, painting and dynamic graphics / manifestations really bring a place back to life and create a more productive working environment.

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