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Dilapidation or delaps, what are they?

Office Delaps

So you moved into an open office years ago and over time you yourself have paid to make it work for you. Installing air conditioning, installing new modular offices and breakout areas and even install new lighting. The place is 100 times better than when you first took it on. But you have now out grown it and need to move on when your land lord hits you with a office dilapidation report.

What is a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report lists down all the items that are different from how the office was when the keys were first handed over to you years ago. All that air con you put in needs to come out, all the modular office need to go and all the funky carpet with your branding on it needs replacing. So everything gets taken back to a large open office normally with a blue carpet and white walls, the typical office “blank canvas” waiting for its next tenant to transform it.

Do i need to do this?

Usually it is written into your contract and must be done but on some occasions the land lord will agree a “golden handshake” and agree to a settlement fee with the changes you have made staying in situ for the next tenant.

So when you are think of moving office not only can we design you a great new office space but we can also return your old office space back to its original state.

CMC Interiors can help with all new design and dilapidation works across the UK.